About Wizbox

Wisdom Box Infosystem LLP is a team of experts dedicated to make the process of project handling a cakewalk for Designers and Users. The team is headed by a talented duo - Ar. Shital and Ar. Paresh Kapade.
Working under the guidance of these experienced Architects and Interior Designers is a crew of Graphic designers, Software professionals, Marketing executives and administrative staff.
WIZBOX is a unique software which has been created after a detailed analysis of the requirements in the field of Architecture and Interior Designing. All the technicalities have been considered while designing this app.


Ar. Shital and Ar. Paresh Kapade completed B.ARCH in 1995 and worked with Ar. B.V. Doshi in Ahmedabad for four years. After earning he nuances of the field from this world renowned Architect, they stablished their Architecture and Interior Design consultancy firm - Environmental Design Consultants in the year 1999. Since its inception, EDC has made its presence felt through innovative, minimalistic, imeless and versatile designs by challenging their own creativity to achieve different forms of design from one project to the other. They offer 360° services right from foundation to finishing.

The synergistic dyad heading EDC are recognized and respected for their unique work. They believe in 100 percent client satisfaction by delivering pragmatic solutions using resources judicially. They have succeeded in satisfying more than 400 clients and still counting.

Their passion for work, photography, love for travelling, persistent nature, solution oriented approach, values and 'Never Say Die' attitude has been instrumental in the creation of Wizbox.

Backed with experience and expertise, they were in a position to take complete cognizance of the various aspects of development and come up with a strategy to develop the first ever app dedicated to this field.

Wizbox is their brain child and they are proud of it.

Our Vision

"Design in today's time is a balance between
  Form, Function and Technology"

Envisage the future of Architecture and Interior Designing with wizbox!

As practicing Architects and Interior Designers we were always faced with the challenge of time management and coordination between countless agencies. A lot of man hours were spent on these issues which were making us frustrated. In this creative field, more time should be devoted on creativity and innovation and unique planning rather than mundane mechanical jobs.
Continuous coordination is required between Clients, Consultants, Contractors, Company representatives, Dealers and Distributors to name a few. The thought which used to irk us was - Why in this tech friendly, gadgets and gizmo friendly world, are we still using the traditional methods of communication and coordination?

Another pressing issue was - How to take all the catalogues of various brands on the site? If designers could show the latest trends and catalogues it would be instrumental for fast decision making on site and show a clearer picture to the user also. Digital catalogues are of paramount help - To help create an environment friendly and greener tomorrow.

"Be the Change
  You wish to see in the World"

  - Mahatma Gandhi

A revolution in this area was the need of the hour. Tradition had to be updated and brought forward with the help of technology. Backed with a vast experience in this field and an in-depth study we came up with WIZBOX - an app which metamorphoses the traditional way of working.

The Team

"Coming together is a beginning,
  Keeping together is progress,
  Working together is success"

  - Henry Ford

Mr. Sandeep Jain, is the Graphic Designer for Wisdom BoxInfosystem. He is the Creative Director of The Communion. An expert in mainstream print advertising, digital promotions, Graphic Design, Web Design and Photography and all possible communication mediums, Sandeep is an ad-man at heart. A passionate photographer, he is highly creative and nurtures his creativity with books, adventure biking, cycling, travelling and music. He is a certified yoga teacher too.

He is hard working, full of zeal and exuberates leadership and confidence. He believes in delivering the product by using all possible mediums, tapping resources, maintaining public relations and most essentially abiding by deadlines. He is like the captain of a ship always ready to sail the rough sea and then enjoy the sweet smell of success. Mr. Sandeep's contribution to Wizbox is immensely valuable.

Mr. Faheem Hasan, is the Software Designer for Wisdom Box Infosystem LLP. He is the co-founder of Maven Cluster. He has a vast experience in developing software and leading projects, executing them as per client requirements and utilizing the available resources to deliver value. A passionate and focused professional, Mr. Faheem brings a unique vista on the global business environment. Equipped with a Bachelor of Engineering, he brings a great mix of Leadership, Innovation, Operational experience, Technical breadth and excellent customer care.

Wisdom Box Infosystem LLP is like a tree, with its roots deep into Architecture and Designing, support and sustainability stems in software and branches in graphic designing. The best part is the outcome - WIZBOX, the fruit of this self sustaining tree which can be enjoyed by one and all.