Commercial Kitchen - Yummy Food Starts With A Beautiful Kitchen !

Thinking about setting up a restaurant, a white tablecloth dinner place or a cafeteria or club? This article figure out the way to make a "WIN-WIN" condition for your plans. One of the biggest investment in new restaurant is a “ Kitchen “. It is considered to be the most expensive part of all your investments. That's why it always include proper planning that must comprises of - Types of Services  you will offer ( e.g la-carte style, Self service, Plated or a cafeteria ),estimation of the required space and budget of the business.

Commercial Kitchens comprises of variety of cooking stations and appropriate equipments to operate those cooking stations. The type of cuisine and the method used by the hotel chef will help to discover the number of cooking stations required and the focus points of your dream kitchen. Commercial Kitchens incorporates larger space as compare to the traditional residential kitchens. As variety of people come and dine-in, the food at your restaurant, so it must be very well maintained to serve healthy food to your customers.

Let’s walk through the major steps one should keep in mind while planning commercial kitchen :

One of the major step of planning is to understand the role of your kitchen. It’s a place where menu comes in, where you prepare, cook and plate your food. Kitchen serves a space where food gets prepared, utensils, dishes and cooking equipments get placed and your dirty dishes comes in.

Commercial Kitchens should have adequate volume for storing raw materials, separate sections for processed and unprocessed foods, comfortable flooring e.g. non-slip floors for damp area or padded flooring ideas for prolonged periods that will give chef a pleasant and cosy feeling while working in the kitchen.

Key Components of your Commercial Kitchen

  1. Cooking Stations
    The type of cuisine and the quantity of food that restaurant offers specify the number of Cooking Stations required in the kitchen. These stations are categorized as cooking station for Catering, Baking, Grill, Saute, etc. Each station is unique and has specific units to perform food processing and serving activities like it allows space for preparation, cooking food and serving crockeries. These stations are also gauged with their necessary equipments to do a hassle free cooking every time for your customer. Use of exhaust fan, fire-suppression system, industrial extinguishers or fire-retarders are recommended for the purpose of safety measures.
  2. Kitchen Layout
    Commercial Kitchen layouts are bit different from our residential kitchens. An efficient commercial kitchen incorporates electric and natural gas outlets to each station, floor drains near sink and water supplying equipments for easy maintenance. Using multiple sinks would be a good idea in order to prepare food, washing hands and cleaning utensils. Multiple refrigeration units get installed to cool the stored food at their specific temperatures.
    Each country also mandates its code of conduct that protects kitchen workers from injury while cooking, for example a country implies the code for the space between heated surfaces and the movement area to allow free flow of traffic in the kitchen area.
  3. Equipment Selection
    The equipments you select for your kitchen get used at their respective cooking station, lets say if you are serving grill menu in cafe, you need a Barbeque unit with its instruments to make a “BBQ Cottage Cheese”. These instruments differ from what we use for household purpose as it used for production of food in bulk. It is always recommended to use durable equipments for mass food production and incorporate safety features like safety shielder, finger guard, etc.
  4. Health Code Requirement
    Every commercial kitchen must meet the health code requirements for the operation and preparation of food storage. It is highly recommended to never use same sink area for the preparation of food and hand washing. Also the equipments should be well maintained and hygienic to avoid illness or diseases like refrigerators must allow food to cool sufficiently in order to keep it fresh. Health inspectors and consultants test and confirm whether the food meets local/country code or not.

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