Textured Paint

Description :Textured paint is the highly recommended option, which will make interior surfaces stand out in appearance of your beautiful home. It is also used to fill the gap in the plaster.

Textured paint adds beauty to your home/interior . It can be applied to your home walls & ceiling with various design patterns, styles and different methods of application. 

Lets glance through the textured painting ideas and application methods.

Shades Available : Varies from Metallic touch to Lustrous & Shiny appearance. In metallic, options available like golden, silver & copper tints, Whereas in glossy multiple shades are available. 

Textured Paint Category : Textured Paint comes with two vast categories, Sand Texture and Smooth Texture. It varies from grainy to dusty texture just like sandstone to marble and wooden texture is also achieved through it . This grainy appearance comes from premixed form of textured paint.

Quality, grade and type of textured paints give a tremendous effect on the surface it applied. For darker shades, it requires multiple coats. In case of low quality paints lot of paint is required for hiding traces or marks on the surface. Therefore it is always recommended to use best quality textured paints or consult the Designer before choosing the textures.

Textured Paint Selection : No doubt, textures add a dash of beauty to your walls. Design patterns in textures are very selective thus before planning texture application, one should search for magazines, prototype houses or sample cards before finalising the patterns.

Design patterns can be achieved with multiple thin-layer application of paint. For the texture of surface we have ‘n’ number of methods available like brush, roller, sponge, rags, trowels or spray painting gadgets. Always remember to prepare application surface to avoid dust particles or anything that makes it bumpy or uneven.

Textured Painting Benefits :

  1. Textured paints are exceptionally resistant to algae, flaking, peeling, fungus, fading and always remain bright in all conditions.

  2. It is extremely friendly with all weather conditions

  3. Textured paints are competent to UV rays or Alkaline rays which are very harmful for ecosystem.

  4. These paints are thick in nature to fill the uneven surfaces, the minor effects & cure the damage to the surfaces or any imperfection.

  5. Textured paints needs less maintenance as compare to other variety of paints.

  6. Textured wall enhance the beauty of wall surface. 


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